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Search for emails on any website in less than a minute, regardless of the number of email addresses you need to extract.

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The KindHunter shows an email, name, and position of a person as long as this is indicated on a site.

Web Interface & Extension

Use the KindHunter either as a Chrome extension or a web interface.

TXT Downloads

Download a complete dataset or just a list of emails as a TXT file.

Public Sources

The KindHunter only retrieves open data on the web without any restrictions.

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Collect all emails from any website in one go at the click of a button.

Extract email addresses from any website

How to use the KindHunter extension:

1. Install the KindHunter extension to your Chrome browser.

2. Use this browser to open the website you want to run the KindHunter on.

3. Left-click on the KindHunter icon in the extension bar to get your hands on a list of emails found on the site.

4. To see details, click the “Complete search” button and go to the website.

How to use the KindHunter website:

1. Enter a domain name into the search field and press the “Find email addresses” button.

2. Get a list of extracted emails with names and positions.

3. Download a complete list or an email list as a TXT file.

Hunt down qualified leads

Are you flummoxed when surfing pages to collect contact information? It’s impossible to do that manually. And you don’t have to because the KindHunter can do the hardest part for you. You only need to hit a website address, and the KindHunter will provide you with all the emails + names found on it.

The KindHunter works incredibly fast. It takes less than a minute to collect all the emails, names, and positions of the people featured on a company website. Using our API, you can easily create a base of qualified leads for your sales team. Your first 100 searches with the KindHunter are free, so you can try it now to expand your potential customer base with verified contacts.

Create email marketing lists

So, you know who your target audience is but have no idea how to collect all the contacts you need? It’s a cinch with the KindHunter. Get hundreds of emails for your B2B or B2C marketing campaign at once and avoid spending hours digging them out manually. All you need to do is collect a list of companies that make your target audience and their website addresses. Leave the rest to the KindHunter.

If you want to extract up to 100 email addresses, you can use the KindHunter as a browser extension or a web interface. But when it comes to email marketing, an API is your way to go. That’s how you can get a list of a company’s employees with their email addresses (if they are listed on the company’s website). You can then export the data to enter it into your CRM, spreadsheet, or other documents. Now you can create recipient lists for your emails and regularly update them with the right contacts. Fine-tune your email marketing practices to your target audience and increase your sales.

Grow your business network

With the KindHunter, you can find the email address of any person you want to reach while surfing a company’s website. Forget about manual searches as you can get all the business contacts you need in one go by visiting that website. Install the KindHunter extension to your Chrome and pull out the email address, name, and position of every person listed on the website. It’ll never let you down, even if you need contacts to connect with someone to resolve your business issue.

Usually, it takes a long time to find the needed contacts on a website. Think several hours or so if there is more than one site to look for them. The KindHunter makes things easier for you because it’s here to take care of finding the right contacts. It only accesses open public data sources, so it’s ethical and transparent.

Connect with potential business partners

Verified business contacts are nothing but useful, even more so when you start a new project. If you already have some companies in mind that you would like to partner with, all you have to do is find the right people among the employees of these companies and their contacts. Entrust this to the lightweight, easy-to-use KindHunter browser extension. Or you can jump to and hit a company’s domain name to extract contacts.

Search for your perfect candidates

Do not wait until candidates find you. Better yet, hunt down the best specialists in your niche with the KindHunter. Every time you hit the web, you can find a raft of talented people that your company needs. Instead of wasting your time, use the KindHunter to get their email addresses and send your job offer. The KindHunter makes this much faster and cheaper than hiring a recruiter and way more efficient than looking for candidates on job sites. Now you can connect with leading specialists easier.

One email address finder for all your business needs

Now that you know how to unearth bulk email addresses with one handy tool, you can use the KindHunter as a Chrome extension, a website, or an API. Make the most of 100 free searches per month or upgrade to one of our packages (go to the Pricing page for more details). With the KindHunter, you’re only charged for the number of searches you make.

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